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Stacey Lamont Sydnor: LINKS

My Companies or Organizations

"The Unit"
Co-music directors, Stacey Lamont Sydnor and Kevin Teasley, enhance the productivity of A&R divisions, independent artists, and production companies as a one-stop solution to their musical needs. The Unit’s multi-genre, electronically-savvy musicianship provides the ideal accompaniment for any performer or producer. They also have additional auxiliary band members, including vocalists, who are available upon request. The Unit arranges, composes, and produces for performances, studio sessions, live television, and theatre.
The City of Refuge
Bishop Jones founded the The Noel Jones Ministries (formerly known as Jesus Alternative Ministries) to assist in providing answers to situations we face on a daily basis relating to social consciousness, sexuality and religious thought. Our mission and ministry is to serve as mediators in our families, our church, and community as we are empowered by the word of God and his Holy Spirit. At the City of Refuge he serves as the Executive Pastor of this over 20,000 member congregation.
Distortion Music, Inc.
One of the leading custom film trailer and sound designs companies in Los Angeles! Be sure to visit site and here some of my best studio work as we as that of composer, Kevin Teasley!