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Stacey Lamont Sydnor: PRODUCTS

The Myron McKinley Ep - "Time"

Myron McKinley is the current music director and keyboardist of the legendary R&B Jazz Funk group "Earth, Wind & Fire" that holds a record of winning 7 Grammy Awards including the "Grammy Lifetime Achievement Award" in 2016.

Along with bassist, writer, and producer Ian Martin and music director, producer, drummer, percussionist, songwriter, and composer Stacey Lamont Sydnor have formed jazz collective the Myron McKinley Trio. The trio has linked up with bassist Stanley Clarke for a jazzy cover of Michael Jackson's 1988 hit "Man In the Mirror."

This special collaboration commemorates Michael Jackson's 59th birthday which is on August 29th.

Listen to the single below and download "Man In The Mirror" on iTunes & Apple Music, Spotify, and Google Play. The trio's first released EP "Time" has emerged as a break-out success enjoying widespread radio rotation throughout California, Georgia and Washington, DC. Purcashe Time HERE and stream "Man In the Mirror."
Click the link to buy the EP at iTunes!

Mapex Drums

I use the Orion, Saturn and Pro M Series.

Westone Audio - Westone

Westone custom products combine the latest in acoustic technology and over five decades of experience in crafting custom fit products for the human ear. “Customs” as they are most commonly referred to are primarily used by the professional on-stage musician but have also gained popularity with with those looking for a high resolution audio earpiece. Many athletes looking for an earphone that stays in the ear also benefit from a custom made product
Buy IEM's Here!

Vater Drumsticks

Vater sticks are simply the best sticks out there! Here's what I use:

Fatback 3A
Sturdy shoulder and neck with a rounded barrel tip for volume.

L 16" D .590"

Small barrel-shaped tip for defined cymbal articulation. Very responsive.

L 16" D .555"

Sabian Cymbals

Much more than a cymbal manufacturing company, SABIAN is a collection of dedicated and very talented individuals whose only focus is to create the finest cymbals and percussion instruments possible.

Here's my cymbal set up:

13in Bright HH Hats
18 & 19 in Evolution Crash
18in AAX Crash
18in Legacy Crash
20 in Ozone
10in Ozone Splash
21in Raw Bell Dry Ride (HH)
16in HHX Chinese
22in David Garibaldi Signature Ride

Tycoon Percussion, Inc. -

Today, Tycoon Percussion is well-established throughout the world as a leading manufacturer of percussion products, and is the only hand percussion company that wholly owns its own manufacturing facility. For Stephen Yu, his journey from OEM supplier to percussion industry "tycoon" serving the world’s largest markets had already seemed swift. Now, with Tycoon Percussion’s presence growing significantly in the U.S. year after year, the pace of progress has only accelerated. "I had a very clear purpose in establishing my own operation in the United States," he states, "to propel the company to becoming the next elite hand percussion brand - and I believe we are well on our way to achieving that goal."


Tycoon Percussion’s commitment is to combine sound authenticity with innovative designs in all of our products. Our vision is to inspire percussionists everywhere towards greater creativity and to play with excitement each time they pick up their instruments. Our dedication to excellence in every product that we create is fueled by the passion of drummers and percussionists around the world.


Commitment to quality control and innovation are first and foremost in Tycoon Percussion’s philosophy. Our manufacturing facility, located in Bangkok, Thailand continues to raise the bar on percussion quality and our products are slowly redefining the standards by which others in the industry are being judged.

Evans Drum Heads

"The First"

Most people don't realized that Evans invented the synthetic (or plastic, or polyester) drumhead in 1956. Chick Evans was the first person to use polyester film to form a drumhead, succeeding in creating a weatherproof head, and ultimately changing the drum world forever. Chick's accomplishment is clearly substantial in letters and documents on record, dating back to the 1950s. The plain truth is, Evans was the "The First".

"The Finest"

Since acquiring Evans from owner Bob Beals in 1995, D'Addario & Company, Inc., has moved the company from Dodge City, KS, to our state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities in Farmingdale, NY. Tremendous efforts and unprecedented breakthroughs have been made in improving Chick's invention. The results are evident from the countless compliments that Evans receives daily from professionals, amateurs, hobbyists and students alike. Consistency is unparalleled. The sound is unbelievable. Durability has reached an all-time high. Plus, Evans recently became the first and only drumhead manufacturer to be certified ISO9001 compliant, a certification that proves our commitment to quality. More and more drummers each day tell us the same thing: Evans is "The Finest".

"The Future"

Even with products touted as being among the world's best, we continue to invest heavily in Evans' facilities, ensuring that our equipment is not simply industry standard but ahead of it. With machinery designed and built in-house by a staff of highly trained engineers, overseen by company President Jim D'Addario, we've raised the bar on drumhead quality and consistency. For example, it was Evans who introduced a water-cooled molding process, which preserves the integrity of the head's center. Development of such products as the MX Marching heads, Tri-Center Conga and Bongo heads, and the EMAD bass drumhead illustrate Evans' commitment to setting new standards, with no sign of slowing down. Strong customer service and fast-order fill rates, coupled with major investments in marketing and product development, have positioned Evans at the top of the industry. In the drum world, Evans is "The Future."
For All Your Drumhead Needs!

Kick Pro Pillow

If you want a more defined and powerful kick drum sound, this is the answer!!!
Kick Pro Pillow
rom MuffleLow Technologies comes the first weighted, non-skid, self-stabilizing bass drum pillow. Without velcro, straps or fasteners to keep it in place, the KickPro Pillow has been thoroughly tested live and in the studio, and fits through a standard 5" hole. Made in the U.S.A!

Standard Size 17”x11”. Top is made from soft, durable, non-scratch, premium-grade fleece. Exclusive, heavyweight design is more effective than other pads. Reliable, non-slip, rubberized bottom is flexible and is easily adjusted for lateral or front to back positioning with no Velcro required. Used and endorsed by leading drummers and sound engineers
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Cym Pad

Cympad optimizes your cymbal sound:

CYMPAD is an incredible, affordable and easy to use system for optimizing the sound and performance of virtually all cymbal sizes, types and brands. Cympad is specially designed and made from premium-grade cellular foam to simply and effectively protect your cymbals and control your sound. When using Cympad the traditional felts are replaced . Available in a six popular sizes and recommended for any drumming style or situation.

A sound investment:

Cympad’s exclusive design enhances and controls cymbal sound.
Isolates cymbal vibration from the cymbal stand
Reduces both volume and unwanted overtones
Moderates sustain and increases articulation
Small size, big difference

Available in incremental sizes, Cympad is versatile and adjustable— providing a spectrum of dampening effects (from open to optimum) without tape, gum or
adhesive pads in a wide range of rehearsal, recording and performance applications.

•Live Sound (Concerts, Clubs, Casuals)
•Home and Studio Recording
•Band Rehearsal and Individual Practice
•Teaching Studios

Phatfoot "Harness"

Phat Foot™ solves the problem of the bass drum & high hat sliding out of place created by the force of the drummer's foot kicking the pedal. It stabilizes the movement of the bass drum/hat by harnessing and anchoring the drum seat to the drum/hat pedal which is attached to the drum/hat linking all three into one solid and complete unit. Phat Foot™ is the perfect replacement for awkward carpets, and the hazards related to using ropes or chains are eliminated.